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France Holidays 2016

Notre Dame Cathedral

It’s strange to think that France is only twenty-two miles from Britain. The country , the people and their attitudes seem a world apart. That’s what makes it such an exciting and convenient prospect for holiday makers from the UK. From the cities and countryside to the beautiful isoand of Corsica, it's and absolutely stunning place to visit.


My first visit to France was in a cold November, shortly before the millennium. The Eiffel Tower had a countdown on it. Paris is certainly visually stunning and is on a massive scale similar to London. The Champs Elysees with the Arc d’ Triomphe at it’s top announces to the world how (in Napoleon’s time) France was once the dominant military power in the world.

We dined out and, true to course, the waiters were quite rude to us. However, it didn’t detract from our enjoyment of the city. Some of the must dos are; climbing to the top of the Eiffel Tower, visiting the Sacre Cour, wandering round the Moulin Rouge district and visiting the Louvre. As it was a winter visit, I don’t think I seen Paris at it’s best, however, I’d like to return one day.


We had visited the Breton town of St Malo the previous May for a relaxing beach holiday and it was an extremely enjoyable and relaxing sojourn.

On the whole, the people were a lot friendlier than in Paris, although I’m sure you could say that about most small towns compared to big cities. There’s a nice big beach there and its quite pleasant to wander the streets at night and pop into the small bars that pepper the town. We had mussells and chips most nights which were very nice, indeed sea food is a speciality in this part of France. On our last night there we got talking to a local who was a massive fan of Monty Python and British comedy in general. Indeed he was a true enthusiast of all things British to the extent that he called the English language ‘The language of the gods’. High praise indeed.

Champagne and The Wine Regions

As I haven’t visited the wine region of France, most of my experience of this region comes from TV programmes by Oz Clarke and James May as well as Keith Floyd’s cookery programmes.

It certainly looks like a nice thing to do, driving through the area sampling the local wine. Apparently, you should try and get hold of the produce from the local wine makers as its as good as if not better than the big wine houses and is also a lot cheaper. Salut!


As a foot note, I always wanted to visit the Paris suburb of Créteil. Only because it featured in my French text books at school (the text books were called ’Tour de France’). I always thought it looked really exotic - there was a family called Garnier who lived there and would visit the local piscine etc. Maybe one day I’ll get there.




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