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Lake Garda Holidays in 2016
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Lake Garda Holidays 2016

Lake Garda Harbour Scene

Lake Garda is a pristine lake in Northern Italy. Here you will find a truly peaceful holiday, free of any worries where you awake to church bells announcing the start of a new day. If you want to relax, it's a great place to pick for a holiday, especially in the spring where the air is cool and refreshing.

See the Lake

The lake has two main cities, and another 24 small towns around it. Torbole is your usual resort town, snaking along the northern shore of the lake; it's a great choice for people who have children, want to windsurf or bike about the lake. The wind is much higher at the northern side of the lake, so you can find a good spot to enjoy yourself. Malcesine keeps its medieval roots with the Castello Scaligero, the tower, and small houses along a curving main leading from the lake to the castel. You can even climb the tower to enjoy a view of all of the lake and its surrounding towns; be sure to make sure you don't go up on the hour or the bells could deafen you!

One thing you definitely shouldn't miss is Gardaland, the theme park with all kinds of rides, along with a cable car ride to see all of the lake. If you're more adventurous with rollercoasters or just like to ride tea cups, Gardaland has a wide variety of rides for everyone.

If you want to get away from people, think about renting a boat and rowing out to the middle of the lake; if rowing isn't your thing, you can ride the two hour ferry that goes between all sides of the island, it's a lot cheaper than taxi services and quicker as traffic around the island can be slow at best.

One great thing about Lake Garda is its proximity to Verona, Venice, Austria, and Milan. You can easily rent a house for the week and hop between Italy and Austria, maximising your experience in the area. Remember to keep an eye on your valuables; crime in Lake Garda is low, but petty theft does happen if an enterprising thief sees an opportunity to lift a tourist's things. Just observe rules like you would anywhere else, and remember not to show off your small electronics like mobile, digital camera, or mp3 player.




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