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Russia Holidays 2016

Russian Bridge Scene

Despite the long and cold winters, Russia is still an amazing place to visit for a holiday. Temperatures can drop well below freezing during the winter, which makes it hard to do anything outdoors, but the snow-covered landscapes are simply breathtaking.

The State Hermitage Museum and Winter Palace are particluar highlights, and thousands of fascinating churches and buidlings of historic note are to be found throughout this great nation.

Best places to visit

While in Russia, two of the most popular cities to visit will be Moscow, which is the capital of Russia, and St. Petersburg. While in Moscow make sure that you stop by St. Basil’s Cathedral, which was built back in the 1550s by Ivan the Terrible.

Red Square, which used to be the home of executions and military parades, is located in the middle of Moscow and always draws a crowd. While in Red Square stop in at Lenin’s tomb and the Kremlin walls. If shopping is of interest check out GUM, Russia’s largest department store.

After spending a day or two in Moscow seeing the sights you will want to head on over to St. Petersburg. In St. Petersburg, the best way to find out everything that the city has to offer is to take one of the St. Petersburg tours.

Once the tour is over you can stop by the Church of Our Savior on spilled Blood for a closer look or head on over to the State Hermitage Museum and Winter Palace to look at their 2.7 million exhibits.

Local Cuisine

With how long and cold Russia’s winters are the local cuisine is used to provide people with the energy and warmth that they need to make it through the winter. The most popular components in any Russian cuisine is going to be the food choices that provide you with the most carbohydrates and the most protein, which means fruits and vegetables are rarely used.

Most local dishes are going to include potatoes, bread, eggs, butter, and some type of meat, but it is usually beef. Some of the most popular main courses are Pelmeny, which is minced meat that is balled up and covered with a pastry, but you also have beef stroganov, which is beef prepared with a cream sauce. These dishes are often served with other side dishes such as fried potatoes or boiled potato in jackets.


Despite how cold and empty most of the country is Russia is home to some truly amazing wildlife. Lake Baikal has over 1,550 species of wildlife, which includes deer and bear. The Virgin Komi Forest is the best place to go if you are trying to snap pictures of the wildlife because of the different terrain that you will encounter in one area.

Inside this area you can see sea otters and huge schools of fish, but you will also find bears and eagles. Russia is also home to a few endangered species such as the Siberian Tiger, Amur and Anatolian leopards.


With how big and remote most of the country is Russia is mainly under the influence of a continental climate. The only parts not associated with this type of climate are the tundra and the extreme southeast portion of the country. The most populated areas of Russia experience what is known as a humid continental climate because of the influence of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

The northern part of the country has really severe winters, which the record low was -90 degrees Fahrenheit at the Pole of Cold. These extreme winters are due to the subarctic climate. In actuality, 65% of Russia is underlined with permafrost.




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